Little Monstar

Advice always welcome.   I am 23, almost 24 years old.
I am 5'5, and hold my weight well.
I weigh 269 give or take.

My goal is to be healthy and full of delicious strong muscles.

My ultimate goal weight is 180 pounds.


When one of my family members asks why I don’t have a boyfriend


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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Coming to theaters May 6, 2016 (US)

Awesome! Instead of her own movie, Wonder Woman gets to be a prop in Batman vs. Superman!

Yay, progress!

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Frustration with the Fans of Ice and Fire

Maybe I’m alone, but sometimes I feel genuine discourse on the horrific crimes committed in the series is impossible.

Obviously GRRM goes out of his way to make sure we all know that the rapes, murders, castrations, beheadings, etc., are awful, life-changing events that deeply affect his characters. But when people are disturbed (and I believe that is the whole POINT of these atrocities), and they complain, and they question (“why rapes/torture/mutilation?”), there are many people out there ready to defend the acts by saying the world was different “back then”. I just wonder why. If George understands these things are traumatic, why doesn’t a larger portion of his audience?

Maybe we will never know.
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Now, I have no problem with you pointing people out on their shit. But I just want to remind y’all that celebrities are also humans, and it is in human nature to make mistakes. So why point them out only? Why not point everyone out? It’s like treating them as if they are not human. You’re almost…

I respect that you care about these things, but posting things online and speaking up only when it poses no danger to you is the very definition of an armchair warrior.

Like…okay. Say it’s 1964 and people are marching in Birmingham, getting hosed, etc. They are activists. They are social justice warriors in the truest sense.

Now, you would be like a journalist writing an op-ed in a liberal newspaper telling people why they can’t say the n-word. What you’re doing informs people. But it is not active, not true fighting for what’s right because you have nothing to lose.

Telling a room full of people who won’t threaten you or hurt you or cause you anything but annoyance and minor inconvenience is definitely armchair activism. It’s safe, easy, and ultimately changes nothing.

I do like your blog tho.

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The biggest challenge with @WorstMuse remains restraining myself from passive-aggressive meta-tweeting about attribution.

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